Esperanto motto

Stuart Bailey, 2002, silkscreen stencil, 40 x 50 cm
This is a screenprint stencil, conveniently hung by its frame back-to-front, of an old Esperanto motto: “Logika, Neutrala, Facila” [Logical, Neutral, Easy]. It was included in an early Dot Dot Dot alongside Paulina Olowska’s 2002 billboard campaign “Ci vu Parolas Esperanton?” [Do you speak Esperanto?] At the time I naively assumed such sentiments described the magazine too, but since then have slowly come to understand it as being far closer to the polar opposite: “Mallogika, Partia, Malsimpla” [Illogical, Biased, Complicated].

– “If You Stuck a Tag on Them ... …,” Stuart Bailey, Dot Dot Dot #20, 2010

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