Tauba Auerbach, calligraphy poster to support Philadelphia Lawyers for Social Equity, 2017, laserprint and rubber stamps, 139 x 108 cm
My favorite exercise in Daniel T. Ames’s Compendium of Practical and Ornamental Penmanship shows the word “persevere” written in lowercase script. Each letter is surrounded by a loop, similar to the “a” in the @ symbol. The loops are all the same, but the letters are different, so the exercise teaches you to maintain a rhythm amidst otherwise varying circumstances. [...]
In the last year, calligraphy has become the time during which I reflect on what’s happening in the world, what’s at stake, and what I’m willing to do about it. Maybe I’ve just needed something to do with my hands while I listen and think. Until now, my politics have shown up mostly in quotidian, domestic choices like being vegan, composting, and riding a bike. (Feel free to roll your eyes.) I support a few organizations. Big deal. I’ve always spoken my mind but probably too politely. Besides, all of these choices are luxuries, and none of them register as sacrifices because they actually make my life more enjoyable. Clearly, they are also not sufficient. 

–“(P)(E)(R)(S)(E)(V)(E)(R)(E),” Tauba Auerbach, The Serving Library Annual 2017/18

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