The Variable: Translator

David Osbaldeston, 2018, half-tone digital print on Somerset paper, 102 x 71 cm[There’s a paradox in attempting to title a series of works whose subject is to find equivalence between a thing and the name which it might come to represent.]

Speaking in the abstract sense, it is tempting to write *lyrically* (an inherently subjective condition) if only to illuminate an idea according to the perceived conventions which drive it. Although some element of utilitarian form may be retained in order to EXPLAIN something like a label for example, to sustain any sense of telos it is infinitely preferable to evoke. 

Ideally, mere description should be eschewed to create a space for rational or objective experience to be turned against the modes governing day to day reality, such as they are and whatever that is. I’m not talking about a code as such, this would be something too organized, rational, even. But a chain of language seems as good a place as any to consider how things might otherwise appear. 

– “UNTITLED (Deception),” David Osbaldeston, The Serving Library Annual 2018/19

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